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Interview Tips
Interview tips

Whether it's a preliminary interview with a recruiter or your interview with the hiring manager, you’ll want to make a good impression. Here are a few insights into what you can expect to discuss.

Interview Tips

Prepare, practise, be yourself

The interview process is the chance for both of us to find out whether BlueShore Financial is the right fit for you. It's as much your opportunity to learn about us as it is our opportunity to learn about you.

We want you to do well so we can both make the most informed decision possible. Read the job description (it's always posted as part of the offering) so that you have a good understanding of the role you are interviewing for.

Be specific

When we decide to interview you, we are already impressed by your achievements to date. But it's not just that – we also want to know more about the skills you used to get to where you are.

You'll be asked questions related to the information you’ve provided on your resume, why you’re applying for a specific role, and why you want to work at BlueShore. You’ll likely also be asked behavioral questions, where you’ll need to give specific examples of how you’ve handled certain situations or been challenged or stretched by a project.

Be prepared to discuss your past experiences, focusing on your specific role and describing key actions that were critical to success. Details are important.

Do your research

Read about us on our website and social media channels. It will give you a feel for our organization, our clients and our employees.

If you are applying for a branch position, try to visit one or two of our Financial Spas. This will give you a sense of our brand and client experience, and can also guide your choices for what to wear to the interview.

Consider conducting your own reference checks on us. Talk to someone who works here or deals with us as a client. They'll provide valuable context and perspective for your interview.

Current Job Opportunities

See what positions are currently open at BlueShore Financial. And check back often. We're always looking for our next rising star!

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