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Online Banking

Manage Your Mastercard

Track your charges, manage rewards, pay bills and more.

Paying your Mastercard® account online is quick and easy. And you can do virtually everything else from the comfort of your home including viewing transactions and points balances, and requesting changes.

How to make an account payment

You can make an account payment through BlueShore Financial’s Online / Mobile banking or through Collabria’s MyCardInfo.

Online or Mobile Banking

  • Add your BlueShore Collabria Mastercard as a vendor by selecting it from the list presented within Online Banking
  • Make your payment by selecting payment account, entering the amount and payment date


  • Visit credit card enrollment
  • Sign in to the secure site, and click on payments
  • Make your payment by selecting payment account, entering the amount and payment date

Manage your Mastercard account online

In addition to making payments, you can complete a whole host of activities to manage your Mastercard from within MyCardInfo, including the following.

  • View your current balance and available credit
  • Track, manage and redeem your rewards
  • View card transaction history — both pending and posted
  • Dispute a suspicious transaction
  • Sign up for paperless eStatements
  • View your account online via eStatements
  • Sign up for fraud text alerts
  • Find forms for adding/removing a cardholder, authorized user or updating account information
  • Alert Collabria when you’ll be traveling or when you expect unusual volume of card activity

Integrate your Mastercard for ultimate convenience

You can also integrate your Collabria account within BlueShore’s Online Banking for one-stop, one-login viewing. This will allow you to view your current outstanding balance as well as recent transactions. In addition, you will be able to access MyCardInfo directly without an additional login so you can take advantage of its more extensive management features.

To link your Mastercard, simply log in to Online Banking, and from the Account Summary page, scroll down to the Collabria Cards box and click on Link Accounts. For more detailed information visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Manage your Mastercard account by phone

Call 1.855.341.4643 or call collect 647.252.9564 (outside Canada and U.S.). Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Report a lost or stolen card
  • Balance and account inquiries
  • Authorization inquiries
  • Annual fee inquiries
  • FlexRewards program inquiries and sign ups
  • FlexRewards redemption requests and point inquiries
  • Temporary credit limit increases
  • Damaged card replacements
  • Emergency services requests
  • Insurance inquiries
  • Chargeback requests

Your PIN

Your PIN is unique to you. No one else can use your card without the PIN, so you can help ensure your own peace of mind by keeping your PIN private and protected. You can change your PIN at any time.

If you know your PIN and would like to change it, visit a BlueShore Financial or an Exchange ATM.

In the case you have forgotten your PIN, call Collabria card support at 1.844.788.2725 to establish or change your PIN.

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