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Online Banking

Account Selector

Let us help you find the account that is right for you!

Do you deal primarily with Canadian or U.S. funds??

If you frequently require U.S. funds, a U.S. account can help shelter you from exchange rate fluctuations.


Are you a Regular, Youth, Golden, Business, or Association client??

We offer a variety of account options, depending on your age or business/association needs.


Do you need an account from which you can write cheques??

If you write cheques, we offer a full range of Chequing account options. If you simply need to deposit, withdraw or transfer funds, either Chequing or Savings accounts may suit your needs.


What type of Savings account are you looking for??

The type of Savings account you choose depends on your objectives. Whether you're saving for retirement, a special purchase, or building an emergency fund, our Savings accounts offer competitive rates with the flexibility to access your funds at any time.


About how many transactions do you complete in a month??

The right account for you will depend on how many transactions you do each month. Most accounts provide for a number of "free" transactions, then charge a nominal fee for additional transactions.


How do you plan on banking with us??

Consider how you prefer to do your banking. Do you primarily deal in-branch or through electronic channels - ATMs, point-of-sale, by phone, online or mobile banking?

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