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Online Banking

Tutorial - Downloading Statements Into Financial Software

With BlueShore Financial's Online Banking you can easily download your statements into your favourite financial software. We support downloads to Quicken, Quickbooks, Sage Accounting, and .CSV (Excel).

Please note: BlueShore Financial online banking does not support built-in OFX retrieval. Clients are required to login to Online Banking to retrieve OFX information.

How to use

Login to Online Banking; by default you will be taken to the Account Summary page.

Click on View account activity in the left-hand menu.

Specify what statement information you would like to download.

  • Select the Account(s) you would like to download information from
  • Select the number of most recent transactions you would like to View
  • Indicate the Date Range or select a Monthly statement
  • Click the arrow to open the Advanced Options
  • If you want only specific transactions, select which ones to Show from the drop down menu
  • Select the Format for your download from the drop down menu (i.e. Quicken, CSV, PDF, etc.)
  • Click Submit

The Account Activity download feature will display a warning advising you that our Enhanced Security feature will be temporarily disabled in order to allow you to download the file. There is also a reminder to delete the file if you are downloading the file while using a public computer.

Depending on the configuration of your financial software, your statement might be automatically imported. If not, you will be prompted to save a file to your computer's hard drive so it can be imported into your software later.

For further assistance with your specific software application, please contact the manufacturer for support.

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