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Online Banking

Tutorial - Transfers

You can transfer money between your accounts or to other members of BlueShore Financial quickly and easily.

To transfer between your accounts

Login to Online Banking; by default you will be taken to the Account Summary page.

Click on Transfers from the left-hand menu.

By default, you will be taken to step 1 of the Transfer Funds process.

  • Select the account from which you wish to transfer funds from the drop-down menu in Transfer From
  • Enter the Transfer Amount
  • Select the preferred schedule in Schedule Transfer
    • Immediate transfers happen right away
    • Scheduled transfers happen once on a specific future date
    • Recurring transfers happen on a regularly scheduled date, for example at the end of each month*
  • Select where the funds are to go in Transfer To.
  • Click Continue
  • Select the account from the drop-down menu in Transfer To account. If you chose a scheduled or recurring transfer, you will also be asked to select the date(s) of the transfer.
  • Click Continue
  • Review your transfer details and click Confirm

Transfers between accounts and memberships are immediate. Once your transfer has been processed, you will be presented with a receipt which you may print for your records.

To transfer between members

To transfer money from your account to other members of BlueShore Financial, you need to contact BlueShore Financial in person or by phone to have this set up. You will then see that account option in Transfer To.

Follow the above instructions to complete the transfer.

*Please note that with both the scheduled and recurring transfers, you need to enter a date that is one day before you want the amount to appear in the new account. For example, should you wish a transfer to appear in the new account on September 30, you would need to enter September 29. This is because the transfer is processed the night of the date you indicate and will not appear in the new account until the next morning. (When you choose Immediate Transfer, the funds are transferred instantaneously.)

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