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Online Banking

Online Banking
Online Banking

A fast, secure, and convenient way to send and receive money from one Canadian bank account to another – all without sharing your personal or business' financial information.


Interac e-Transfers

The convenient way to send money

With secure and immediate access to your funds, Interac e-Transfer® makes sending or receiving money simple.

Sending money

  • Only the recipient's email address or mobile phone number is required
  • Email or text messages notify recipients of incoming transfers
  • Create and share a security question with the recipient so only they can access the funds

Receiving money is equally simple

  • Give your email or mobile phone number to the person sending you the money
  • You’ll receive an email or text message notifying you of the incoming transfer
  • Answer the security question the sender provides you
  • Log in to Online Banking and deposit your funds

For business

  • Makes it easier and more convenient for your customers to pay their bills
  • Simply provide them with your business email address, and let them know about this payment alternative
  • Improve cash flow with more timely deposits

Interac e-Transfer® fees & limits

A service fee of $1.50 per transaction applies (with the exception of Premium Account holders for whom there is unlimited e-Transfers). The fee is charged at month-end. There is no fee for receiving funds via e-Transfer; the sender bears these costs.

The following limits apply when sending funds through Interac e-Transfer®:

  • Transaction limit: $3,000
  • Daily or weekly limit: $10,000
  • Monthly limit: $20,000

Interac e-Transfer® is only available through online banking. If you're not currently registered for Online Banking, please contact us for assistance – it's fast and easy.

® Trademark of Interac Inc. used under license.

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