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Receive up to $3,500 cash back* with a new mortgage

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Our mortgages offer the following features

  • Flexible: Choose the right term, from 6 months to 10 years, and the right amortization (as long as 30 years).
  • Multiple payment options: Choose weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payments to suit your cash flow. Up to 15% of the original principal can be paid down each year on the mortgage anniversary date. Also, scheduled payments can be increased, on an ongoing basis, by up to 15% once each calendar year.
  • Custom built: If a listed mortgage option doesn't seem to be what you need, we can build the ideal mortgage solution for you.
  • Portable – Take your mortgage with you when you purchase a new home (with qualification).
  • Assumable: Transfer your mortgage terms to the buyer when you sell (with qualification). Does not apply to CreditMaster®.
  • Waived legal fees: If you borrow additional funds or choose another BlueShore Financial mortgage, you pay no additional legal fees.
  • Extended financing: Up to 80% of property value or up to 95% if insured by CMHC, with down payments as low as 5%.

How much mortgage can you afford based on your income, debt and monthly expenses?

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