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Current Exhibits

Artists on exhibit

The Arts in View program is a permanent exhibit on display in the financial spa® branches of BlueShore Financial. It is open to the general public as well as current clients of BlueShore Financial.

Current Art Exhibits are on display from August 2017 – November 2017.

Ryan Nickerson Ryan Nickerson – Painter
Branch: Marine Drive 

Ryan grew up in Thunder Bay where his love for art started as a kid drawing cartoons. When he moved to Calgary, he started to dabble in watercolours and oils before taking night courses at the Alberta College of Art. Ryan has been painting and drawing ever since his move to Vancouver. He enjoys being outdoors and cycling around the beautiful city to get inspiration for his paintings, as his work focuses on the world around us. He tries to capture the feeling and experience of living in Vancouver and the West Coast lifestyle. Ryan's main medium is Acrylic paint, but recently he’s been drawing on his iPad - the perfect mobile sketch book.

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Eugene Radvenis Eugene Radvenis – Potter
Branch: Park Royal

With a background that includes architectural design, photography and illustration, and 3D modeling and animation, Eugene has been working with clay as a stress relieving hobby for 5 years. His adventures as an emerging artist include membership in a number of Vancouver’s Community Centres’ pottery clubs, Raku workshops in Italy and France and a Raku masterclass in Portugal. Eugene’s search for a ceramic aesthetic involves using geometric primitives as form generators with the contrasts the medium provides between rough naked clay and smooth glaze.

Radvenis’s clay art is primarily wheel thrown geometric vessels of medium size, using both raku and cone 6 stoneware oxidizing firing methods. Each process provides unique opportunities for final colour and texture.

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Arts in View on Lonsdale

Our Lonsdale Financial Spa features two exhibits: one inside the Financial Spa, the other, a gallery concept called Arts in View on Lonsdale located in a glass-enclosed corner of the building and visible from Lonsdale Ave.

Tony Kristopaitis

Now Showing: Tony Kristopaitis
Branch: Lonsdale

Tony Kristopaitis is a North Vancouver artist who studied at Emily Carr University and now works in a variety of media including oils, acrylics, wax and resin. He is trained in glass which is expressed in transparency achieved through layering in his canvases and resin in his sculptural pieces. Tony has a passion for gardening and is inspired by the organic cycles of the nature.

Arts in View on Lonsdale is curated by Tartooful Design, North Vancouver. Please direct inquiries for purchase to Cathy Church, Tartooful Design, 604.924.0122.

Nancy Cramer Nancy Cramer – Potter
Branch: Lynn Valley and Whistler

Nancy grew up in an artistic family and as a child spent endless hours creating gifts and making art projects. After graduating university and backpacking abroad, she worked at Emily Carr College of Art until starting a family. A few years later her passion for tactile arts led her to the Clay and Textile program at Capilano College. Nancy has always been drawn to primitive societies and their rustic art forms. Her present work has evolved from her love of weaving, clay, spirituality and nature. Combining what she has found on the beach or in the forest with what she herself has made is satisfying and fun. She uses kelp, sea shells, driftwood and craft feathers to decorate each piece and tells a story with imprints and texture. Nancy’s art can be found in private collections throughout Germany, The Netherlands, United States and Canada.

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Suzanne Starr Suzanne Starr – Potter
Branch: Lonsdale

Suzanne works in clay because she loves the search for a beautiful shape: the right curve, the over-all balance and how the finished piece sits on a flat plane with the hint of a shadow line. She often walks or cycles in her favourite parks looking for inspiration.

The natural world is a constant source of curiosity and quiet in her life. It’s where responsibilities and chores give way to reflective thought and creative possibilities.
Observing the countless shapes, textures and colours of nature encourages Suzanne’s imaginative thinking. Inspiration can be experienced in something as large as a coastal rain forest or in one tiny patch of forest floor, in an Arbutus tree trunk or in one fall leaf from a maple tree.

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Bev Ellis Bev Ellis – Painter, Sculptor, Mixed Media
Branch: Edgemont and Squamish

Bev grew up in Vancouver surrounded by mountains and water, forests and the distinct beauty of seasonal changes. An accomplished ceramic sculptor, printmaker, painter, mixed media artist and jewelry designer, she loves to create. Each piece is unique just like each tree in a wood. Similarly, she believes that it is our flaws that make us remarkable, distinct and incomparably beautiful. Surface and texture, nature and the human condition inspire her to create. Bev feels privileged that people take home the art pieces that her hands and heart form. She has had opportunities to exhibit her work throughout the Province, across Canada, and the US, and her artwork is in corporate and private collections around the world.

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Narissa SchedeNarissa Schede, Ceramic Pottery 
Branch: West Broadway

MoonRabbit Pottery is the brainchild of Narissa who creates unusual, whimsical and functional fine art pottery. Each piece is handmade out of stoneware (an extremely durable clay once fired at temperatures between 1832ºF and 2192ºF) or porcelain.

Much love, humour and thought in the details are apparent from the pieces. The artist blends nature into items of everyday ware, hoping to bring pleasure and fun each time we hold and use them. Of course, all items are food safe, dishwasher and ovenproof.

Narrisa’s passion for clay started relatively recently and quite by chance some seven years ago. Due to repetitive strain, she had severely injured her fingers and had to take a break for them to heal. Her daughter’s play box lay invitingly open with a lump of clay and she thought that would work well to exercise her damaged joints, after a while it got a bit tedious and she decided to make something out of that clay. Lo and Behold out came her first creature, a lioness, who still inspires her today.

David DolphinDavid Dolphin, Ceramic Pottery 
Branch: Parkgate

After making his career as a professor and research chemist, Dr. David Dolphin turned his attention to the ceramic arts. Inspired by the richness of the beauty, traditions and history of ceramic pottery, along with modern aesthetics and innovation, David uses his deep understanding of the principles of chemistry, and digital technologies, to push the boundaries of ceramic form, production, and surface materials and design.

David, is a Vancouver-based artist and scientist. He discovered and  contributed to the development of the drug Visudyne, which has saved the sight of more than a million people. As a result of his achievements David was made a Hero of Chemistry by the American Chemical Society for his “industrial” research even though his principal career was as an academic scholar.  He had an outstanding career as a scholar and was a recipient of the Hertzberg Medal in 2005, awarded to Canada’s top scientist. In addition, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal society , London. As a result of his achievements  David was made an officer of the Order of Canada. In his new role he enjoys working with other artists and sharing experiments and discoveries leading to innovations in the ceramic arts.

Learn more about the Arts in View program and how to apply to exhibit.