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Current Exhibits

Artists on exhibit

The Arts in View program is a permanent exhibit on display in the financial spa® branches of BlueShore Financial. It is open to the general public as well as current clients of BlueShore Financial.

Below are the current Art Exhibits on display.

Claudia WiebeClaudia Wiebe
Branch: West Broadway

Based in North Vancouver, Claudia is a self-taught artist who creates abstract acrylic paintings, inspired by the ever-changing complexities of love & loss, joy & grief.

"Life has taken me on many different roads, being a pediatric nurse, a caregiver, a mother, a wife, a teacher/mentor, and today an artist.  Having faced many challenges in my life, I have learned to be open to new opportunities and I have always had the desire to personally learn and grow."


Kathleen TennockTim Bennison - Painter
Branch: Edgemont / Whistler

Using the transparency of the watercolour medium, North Vancouver artist Tim Bennison works from personal experience, seeking to capture a moment in time, highlighting the light and atmosphere of the North Shore.

Tim was born in England and moved to Canada in 1970. Growing up in Ottawa, he was introduced to watercolours by an innovative, energetic high school fine arts teacher. Tim has painted in this medium ever since. He is continually improving and evolving his technique, taking courses at Emily Carr and other institutions. Tim welcomes custom art commissions, and offers his clients the chance to commission an original painting, portrait or an adaptation based on one of his existing works. He is always happy to collaborate with his clients by tailoring his work to their specific needs. Tim lives in North Vancouver, BC with his wife and 2 daughters.

Mark Peters – Woodturning
Branch: Lynn Valley

Despite our society’s obsession with the “new”, new isn’t always better. Just ask a wine expert—some things get better with age. In fact, there is great satisfaction in taking something old, something broken down, and reclaiming, refurbishing, and repurposing it.

In woodturning, the creative process doesn’t begin with the wood turner; it begins 30, 50, or 100 years before when a seed becomes a tree. Marks says that in choosing to work with wood, he's typically working with material that has been alive a lot longer than him. When a tree falls to the ground—weakened because of age or disease—this ancient, living, thing can be reclaimed and made new, beautiful, and purposeful again.

"I love everything about wood: the roughness of the bark, the surprising grain patterns, even the smell; woodturning is a sensory experience. But more than anything, I like taking something old and making it new again. May these wooden creations bring you as much joy as they have brought to me."

Matthew FreedMatthew Freed – Potter
Branch: Marine Drive

Matthew is a Vancouver based pottery artist. His love for clay began in the early 1990s when he began taking lessons at a local stoneware studio in Winnipeg. Although some time passed before Matthew continued to form clay, it was when Matthew moved to Vancouver in 1998 that he became reacquainted with pottery.

Instagram: @matthewfreedpottery

Camille MehtaCamille Mehta – Painter
Branch: Kerrisdale

Camille is a Vancouver based artist, poet and teacher. She works primarily in acrylics, watercolour, ink and in the digital medium. She finds the natural world and the human experience to be her greatest sources of inspiration. Camille derives a tremendous amount of satisfaction from drawing and painting that, even in the midst of busy family life, it finds its way into her days.

Her painting style is greatly influenced by the impressionists, but specifically Renoir, Monet and Van Gogh. Her drawing style is a spontaneous response to her surroundings and experiences and tries to capture the place or the people as she sees them. While she is mostly self-taught, she has sought out and studied under various artistic mentors.

Camille is also a passionate advocate for maternal mental health and spoke at a TED talk on ‘Parenting Through Postpartum Depression’ at the Queen Elizabeth Theater in Vancouver in March 2018.

She lives in Vancouver with her husband and four children.

Joe Martens Joe Martens – Potter
Branch: Pender

After retiring from a career in accounting and moving to the Sunshine Coast, Joe volunteered as Treasurer of Gibson’s Public Art Gallery and became inspired by the beautiful art and amazing talents of other artists.

Over several years, he enrolled in pottery courses at Gleneagles and Parkgate Community Studios and discovered that he had creative skills working with clay and in particular whimsical expression. Joe gets inspired by the nature and motion allowed with clay through creative imagination.

The love of clay is enhanced by the Raku process which adds further free form to colour the expression. The Raku process continues to please and surprise whatever happens between imagination and creating form.

Madelaine MongeyMadelaine Mongey - Pottery
Branch: Burnaby

Madelaine Mongey is a potter based in Vancouver, BC. She graduated from Emily Carr University of Art & Design in 2013, where she studied drawing and never touched clay. Madelaine began making pottery in 2016 and became completely enchanted with clay at that time. When making a pot, she is focused on the subtle details of each piece: the softly curved profile of a vase, the gentle fade between two glazes, or the texture of a carved line. All of Madelaine’s work is designed to have contemporary profiles and is finished with simple yet intriguing glazes. The handmade individuality of her pots makes each one a pleasure to use on a day to day basis.

Instagram: @mongeyceramics

Kathleen Tennock Kathleen Tennock – Pottery
Branch: Squamish

Kathleen was born in South Africa where she studied Fine Art at the Johannesburg Art Foundation. Even though she no longer lives there, the forms and textures of Africa can still be seen and felt all through her work. Kathleen has always had a strong attraction to primitive art and it has had a big influence in her work.

Kathleen now works primarily in clay. Most of her pieces are burnished to a high sheen and pit or sawdust fired. She has recently started experimenting with Naked Raku. Kathleen currently lives in Whistler, and although her work still shows a very strong African influence, she has definitely been inspired by her new environment. This inspiration gave birth to her most current series of black bears.

Angela Flumerfelt
Branch: Park Royal

Clay found Angela in a high school art class. She took the dense grey lump into her hands and it was love at first squeeze. Since that day, pottery has been a constant in her life. The dance between hands and clay captures her imagination. She enjoys being an agent of the slow movement, creating unique vessels by hand, each one subtly different from the other.

Her work is guided by a ‘less-is-more’ philosophy. Her vessels reflect the tactile quality of clay as it spins on a potter’s wheel. Her glazing is minimal, to reveal the marks and undulations left by her hands and tools. Angela’s aesthetic combines urban and rustic influences. Her pieces bring joy to the touch in everyday living.

Friederike Rahn Friederike Rahn – Pottery
Branch: Lonsdale

Fredi Rahn is a ceramic artist and educator in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She makes pots in a small backyard studio in a quiet neighborhood in East Vancouver. She also participates in community firings at the Shadbolt Centre in Burnaby. Her journey in clay began at a young age through community centre classes, leading to study at Sheridan College School of Crafts and Design and later the Nova Scotia College of Art. She has participated in artists' residencies at Watershed, in Maine, The Archie Bray Foundation in Montana, Talavera Uriarte in Puebla, Mexico, and The Banff Centre in Alberta. She has participated in exhibits across Canada and the US.

Arts in View on Lonsdale

A rotating exhibition fostering the arts in our community

New showing: Brenda Isaak Takao & Tiffany Reid

Brenda Isaak Takao is a Vancouver Island artist who works in diverse media to seed the world with wonder and joy. Her sculptural seeds on display feel ready to transform and reveal new life.

Sculpture in mild steel by Brenda Isaak Takao. @blueseedgirl

North Vancouver’s Tiffany Reid is a painter whose warm and familiar images speak calmly of the beautiful, transformative chaos of love.

Paintings in acrylic and resin on canvas by Tiffany Reid. @tiffanyreidart

Arts in View on Lonsdale is curated by Cathy Church. @tartooful

Learn more about the Arts in View program and how to apply to exhibit.

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