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Online Banking

Safety Deposit Boxes

A secure place outside your home to protect your important documents and small valuable items.

Consider keeping your valuables and important documents in a safety deposit box securely locked inside the vault at your local BlueShore Financial branch. Only you, and whomever you designate, can access your box; even BlueShore Financial employees aren't able to open it.

Some things you may want to store in your safety deposit box:

  • Wills and trust documents: Keep indefinitely or as needed.
  • Original certificates: For all life's milestones – birth, citizenship, marriage, or death.
  • Property ownership documents: Keep copies of purchase and sale agreements until ownership transfers.
  • Investments: Stock certificates, bonds and more; keep until sold, maturity or redemption.
  • Credit or installment records: Keep until debt is paid or as needed.
  • Important records or documents you will need in the event that your house is robbed, damaged, or destroyed: Inventory of valuable property, including photographs, purchase prices and/or receipts; inventory of bank accounts and other investments; pension records; credit card records, etc.
  • Family jewelry or small heirlooms
  • Automobile titles and lien releases: Save until sold or traded.

Safety deposit boxes come in a variety of sizes, with fees ranging from $40 to $250 annually plus applicable taxes. However, depending on your banking account package, this service may be available to you at no cost or at a discount.

Boxes are subject to availability and not all box sizes are available at every branch location.


Annual Fee $40.00 - $250.00 + applicable taxes, depending on box size
Replace key $50*
Drill box $120*

* Plus any costs BlueShore Financial incurs to complete the request.

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