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Online Banking

Credit Card FAQs

Activating your new BlueShore Collabria Mastercard

How do I activate my account?

When you receive your card, you must activate it by calling the number on the sticker affixed to the front of your card. You will be asked for your credit card number, your date of birth and the CVV number on the back of your card. Your card will be automatically activated. Once this is done and you have received your PIN (in a separate mailer), you can begin using your card.

How do I get a PIN?

Shortly after you receive your new card, you will receive a PIN mailer, sent separately for your protection. You can use the PIN provided in the mailer or change it to something that you can more easily remember.

How do I change my PIN?

You can change your PIN at any Exchange ATM, including BlueShore, or by calling Collabria Cardholder Service at 1.844.788.2725. Please note that you must know your current PIN to change it at an ATM.

What if I forget my PIN?

If you forget your PIN, you can call 1.844.788.2725. The Collabria Cardholder Service will verify your identity through a series of security questions and will provide you with a new PIN that you must use within a specific period of time as well as instructions on how to activate your new PIN.

I ordered two cards as co-applicants. How do I handle the PIN process?

If you ordered a secondary card under one account for joint credit, perhaps for your spouse or a business partner, the two cards and their associated PIN mailers will be mailed directly to the person. Each cardholder will receive their card and their PIN separately to activate.

I ordered two different types of cards at the same time. How will I know how to match the PIN with the right card?

If you ordered more than one card at the same time – for example, a World Mastercard and a U.S. Dollar or Business Mastercard, you might receive the PIN mailers at the same time as well and not know which PIN belongs to which card. As the details of PIN mailers are confidential, the best solution is to follow the “Changing Your PIN” option as described on the mailer and select a new PIN for each card.

Making a Payment

How can I make a payment?

You can make a payment through Online Banking, at the branch, or through Collabria’s MyCardInfo card management site. Please note the exception is the U.S. card – please see below.

Can I use BlueShore Online Banking to make a payment on my U.S. card?

Payments on the U.S. card can only be made in U.S. funds. If you have a USD savings or chequing account with BlueShore (or another financial institution), you will be able to make a payment using that account – either through Collabria’s MyCardInfo site or at a branch.

Can I set up an automatic payment each month?

You can set up a recurring pre-authorized payment to pay either the minimum monthly payment or the full balance. On the payment due date each month, funds will be automatically withdrawn from your chequing or savings account. To set this up, call Collabria Cardholder Service at 1.844.788.2725 or go to their MyCardInfo site.

Managing your account

Where can I check my balance, review transactions, verify and make payments and other card management activities?

MyCardInfo is Collabria’s online account management tool where you can access account information 24/7. You can register for a MyCardInfo account as a Collabria cardholder. With MyCardInfo, you can check current balances, review recent activities, verify the last payment made, make payments, view eStatements and more.

How do I enroll in MyCardInfo?

Enrolling is as simple as entering your account information, assigning a username, password and personal security code and completing a few security questions. You will then have access to your online account. To enroll, click the “Home” link at the bottom of the page and you’ll be redirected to the enroll/login page. Click “Enroll” to get started.

What if my Username or Password does not work?

If you encounter any questions or concerns that are not answered by the online instructions during your enrollment or login process, call Cardholder Service at 1.855.341.4643 for assistance.

I have more than one card. Can I manage both within MyCardInfo?

You will need to enroll in MyCardInfo for each card with its own unique user name and password. So for example, if you have a personal card, a U.S. card and a business card, each one will require a separate MyCardInfo account.

Can I make cash advances with my new card?

Yes, cash advances will be available at any ATM carrying the Mastercard or CIRRUS logo, including BlueShore ATMs. The limit is $800.

Do the Collabria cards support both chip and contactless (tap) technologies?

Yes, the Collabria cards support both. You can simply tap your Mastercard on secure readers for quick and convenient payment at retailers that offer this capability (typically available for transactions of $100 or less).

Do business cards offer a revolving limit as well as a consolidated monthly limit option?

All three business Mastercards will offer either individual or consolidated payment options.

Linking your Mastercard to Online Banking

How do I link my Collabria Mastercard to Online Banking?

When you log into Online Banking, you can link your credit card in one of two ways:

  • In the Account Summary screen scroll down to the Collabria Cards box and click on Link Accounts
  • Or, select Account Services from the left navigation, then Manage Partner Accounts; click on Collabria Cards under the heading Link a Credit Card

Follow the instructions on the screen to link your credit card(s). You will need to accept the Terms and Conditions of the agreement by clicking the I Agree button. You will then enter your card number and CVV. You’ll receive a message that you’ve successfully linked your credit card. You can then return to the Account Summary screen to view your card’s current balance or your transaction history by clicking on card link.

Can I get to the MyCardInfo site from within Online Banking?

Yes, this is a very convenient feature since you will have one-click log-in to Collabria’s MyCardInfo directly from within Online Banking. This will help with additional card management tasks such as tracking reward points and getting more detail on transactions. There is a web link to access MyCardInfo for each Mastercard that you have linked. The first time you click this link you will be asked to register your email address and accept Collabria’s email privacy policy. You will then be taken to MyCardInfo. (If you haven’t enrolled your Mastercard in Collabria’s MyCardInfo site, you can do so here.)

Can I sort my credit card transactions?

Yes, you have a range of sorting options. You can choose to view transactions by a specific month or define a date range. By clicking on any of the transaction column headers, you can sort the data in the way the works best for you – by Effective Date (when you incurred the charge), Posted Date (when the merchant processed the charge), Description, Debit amount or Credit amount.

How far back can I see my credit card transactional history?

The transaction history you see within BlueShore Online Banking replicates that on the MyCardInfo site. Currently this provides the transaction history for your card since activation; you can access it by selecting appropriate date ranges.

I have several Collabria Mastercards. Can I link multiple credit cards to Online Banking?

You can link multiple cards as long as you are the primary cardholder of each. Once you have linked the first one, simply go back to Account Services > Manage Partner Accounts and follow the steps to add additional cards. Once linked, all your credit card accounts will display within your Online Banking Account Summary.

Can I link my Business Mastercard to Business Online Banking?

Credit card integration is not currently supported within Business Online Banking (where you log in using your Business Access Card). However, you can link a Business credit card to your personal Online Banking if the card is in your name, not the company’s.

I have supplementary (secondary) cardholders attached to my Mastercard. What transaction data can they see, if any?

Only the primary credit card account holder can link a credit card and will see all transaction data pertaining to both the primary and any supplemental cards. Supplementary cardholders cannot see any balance or transaction data within BlueShore Online Banking. They can, however, continue to view account information within MyCardInfo separately. If supplementary cardholders attempt to create a Collabria sign-in for a supplementary card, they will receive an error message.

Can I see my credit card information through the Mobile Banking App or Mobile Web browser-based Online Banking?

No, you can only see your linked credit card account information through Online Banking on your desktop or tablet.

Can I download my credit card transaction data from Online Banking into my accounting software or into Excel format in the same way I can for my banking transactions?

No, your credit card information is “view only” within Online Banking. You’ll need to visit Collabria’s MyCardInfo site and log in there to download your transactional data in other formats (e.g., Excel, Microsoft Money, comma delimited, .csv).

I have several different BlueShore Access Cards that I use to access Online Banking. Can I link my Mastercard to more than one?

Yes, a Collabria Mastercard can be linked to more than one Access Card for your personal Online Banking access, as long as you are the primary owner of each.

If I make a payment to my Mastercard account, will I see it immediately within Online Banking?

A payment will not appear immediately since the credit card information displayed within Online Banking mirrors the MyCardInfo site information. Your credit card account payment will not be displayed until it is processed by the Collabria system. As soon as it is, you’ll see the payment as a credit in your Online Banking display.

Rewards points

What types of rewards does Collabria’s points program, FlexRewards, offer?

FlexRewards offers a wide range of ways to redeem your points – from adventure activities to cruises, flights and hotels, to event tickets, merchandise and gift cards. You can even get cash back to apply as a statement credit. Full FAQs can be found on the FlexRewards catalog site for each category.

How do I manage my rewards points?

The FlexRewards catalog is a separate website where you can browse rewards categories and redeem your points. This requires a unique registration and login, but once you’re logged in, the site displays your available points.

Can I purchase points?

If your points balance is insufficient to obtain a desired reward, you may be able to supplement your points through a charge to your account. The additional cost of the reward will be shown at the check-out area of the rewards site.

Is there a cap on how many points I can redeem?

You are allowed to redeem a maximum of 80,000 points ($800 value) within a statement cycle.

Is there a minimum number of points I can redeem?

The minimum number of points you can redeem is 2500 ($25 value).

How are rewards points calculated on purchases made in a foreign currency?

Reward points are calculated on the converted Canadian dollar amount.

Alerts and security

How can I protect my card and help prevent fraud?

If there is any unusual purchase activity, Collabria will contact you immediately to determine if there are unauthorized actions associated with your account. You can also sign up for real-time fraud text alerts that are sent directly to your mobile phone. These alerts can help you prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring on your card. Enrolling is easy and this service is free. (Standard text messaging rates may apply.) Learn more.

Are there ways to protect fraudulent use of my card if I shop online?

Online shopping is more popular than ever, and Mastercard SecureCode® gives you an extra layer of protection to help prevent online fraud. Even if someone knows your card number, the purchase can’t be completed without your SecureCode at a participating merchant.

Am I liable for purchases on my card that were not made by me?

Collabria Mastercards provide zero liability. You can shop with complete confidence – online or in stores. You’re only responsible for purchases you’ve authorized on your Mastercard account.

How do I report a lost or stolen card?

Collabria offers the full suite of Mastercard Global Services to help you with reporting a lost or stolen card, obtaining an emergency card replacement or receiving an emergency cash advance. In Canada and the U.S.:1.800.MC.Assist (1.800.622.7747); International Collect: 1.636.722.7111.

Who do contact if I have any questions?

If you are unable to find the information you need, call Collabria Card Service at 1.855.341.4643. If you would like advice on which Mastercard is right for you or guidance on managing credit, please contact us at 604-982-8000 or toll-free 1-888-713-6728.

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